Courmayeur Ski Lifts

The two main ski areas near the resort village of Courmayeur feature almost 65 miles (100 kilometers) of beautiful ski runs. This is the sunny, southern side of Mont Blanc, and winter sports enthusiasts of all skill levels flock to Courmayeur every season. Beginners can take advantage of broad, open slopes, intermediate skiers get plenty of variety and beautiful scenery, and expert skiers can find plenty of challenges.

With so many miles of pistes, the network of ski lifts in the Valle d’Aosta is extensive. At last count there are more than 20 chair lifts, 2 gondola lifts, and multiple cable car/trams.

Knowing where the ski lifts are before you leave home can help you budget for your trip (prices vary from lift to lift and are also affected by where on the mountain you’ll be getting off) and decide which Courmayeur hotel to choose (hotels and lifts are scattered throughout the village). Assuming you book early enough, you should be able to find a hotel that’s close to a lift that takes you to the area you most want to ski. Just keep in mind that Courmayeur is a popular winter sports destination, so you’ll need to reserve your accommodation well in advance.

The Chécrouit-Val Veny area is directly above Courmayeur and is the larger of its two big ski areas. Although there are some good off-piste routes in the Chécrouit-Val Veny, this area is more suitable for intermediate and beginning skiers. The Chécrouit side of the area is sunny in the morning, while the Val Veny side is nice for afternoon skiing.

Cable cars leaving from Plan Chécrouit at the southern edge of Courmayeur are available to transport skiers and snowboarders, and gondolas depart from nearby Dolonne (the site of one of the first ski lifts in the Valle d’Aosta). Buses are available to take travelers to either one.

The Mont Blanc network of ski lifts takes visitors to the other main ski area at Courmayeur. The terrain here is steeper and the trails are more suitable for accomplished skiers and snowboarders

Links from Courmayeur to the ski areas at Chamonix are readily accessible, and a Courmayeur lift pass covers not just that resort’s ski trails, but those at Chamonix and Argentière as well. As a result, you’ll have access to the world’s longest ski run served by a lift - the amazing Vallée Blanche. Located near Chamonix, the Vallée Blanche is a remarkable, 20 kilometer (almost 12 ½ miles) long off-piste ski route featuring a vertical descent of about 2,700 meters (almost 9,000 feet). If you’re visiting Courmayeur and your skills are advanced, this experience is a must-do. It’s absolutely unforgettable. The entire run takes from 4 to 5 hours.

Chair Lifts

Traditional chair lifts are the most common type of ski lift in the Courmayeur area. The ride up can be a bit cold, but the views of the Italian, French and Swiss Alps are spectacular. Chair lifts are scattered throughout the area, including:
  • Peindeint
  • Tzaly
  • Dzeleuna
  • Maison Vieille
  • Aretu
  • Bertolini
  • Le Greve
  • Plan de la Gubba
  • Pra Nevron
  • Zerotta

Cable Car Lifts

A cable car/tram system consists of enclosed, fairly large cabins. Each cabin can hold more people than a gondola or chair lift. The cabin is attached to a system of cables which is used to propel it up the side of a mountain and back down. There are several cable car lifts in Courmayeur:
  • Val Veny
  • Arp
  • Youla
  • Funivie Monte Bianco
  • Courmayeur

Gondola Lifts

Like cable cars, gondolas are enclosed cabins, but they tend to be much smaller. Two gondola lifts are available to skiers based in Courmayeur:
  • Dolonne
  • Chécrouit

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to access the slopes at the Courmayeur ski resort, Chamonix and other nearby ski areas. If you don’t care which type of lift you use (or if you prefer traditional chair lifts), you’ll have plenty of choices. But even if you prefer one type of lift over the others, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find it for the area you want to ski.

If you want to hit the ground running as soon as you arrive at Courmayeur, you can buy your first pass online before you even begin your journey. After that, the Ski Pass office in town is open 7 days a week from 8 am to 11:30 am and again from 4 pm to 7:30 pm (the evening hours let you buy a pass for the next day). You can buy daily tickets for the slopes at Courmayeur, Chamonix or the entire Aosta Valley.