Courmayeur Italy – Delightful for Several Reasons

Every year, a lot of people come to Courmayeur, Italy.  It’s such a tiny place (its full-time population is less than 3,000), you might not even have heard of it unless you’re a big-time skier.  But considering its small size, it’s a delightful place that offers a remarkable number of reasons for people to visit there.

For one thing, if you love gazing endlessly at spectacular Alpine vistas, you’ll love Courmayeur.  It’s a charming, pedestrianized village snuggled right into the base of Mont Blanc, one of the most beautiful and well-known mountains in all of Europe.  Chamonix could make a similar claim, but it’s larger, busier and more hectic and crowded.  Plus, Chamonix is on the French side of Mont Blanc.  Courmayeur is on the mountain’s southern, Italian side.  Its pace is slower and much less hectic, and it’s a lot less crowded.

Of course, you’d also enjoy Courmayeur if you’re a skier, snowboarder or mountain climber.  Beautiful Mont Blanc offers some of the world’s finest winter sports (that’s why Chamonix hosted the first-ever Winter Olympics).  Besides the usual skiing, snowboarding and so forth, visitors to Courmayeur can also choose to go snowshoeing, ice climbing or heli-skiing.  The latter is something that very few ski resorts offer.

Heli-skiing is probably one of the most challenging, exhilarating winter sports there is.  It’s accurate to think of it as an extreme winter sport.  It begins with a helicopter flight up into the mountains.  Once you arrive out in the middle of nowhere, isolated from everything and everyone other than the other skiers in your group, you’re dropped into a pristine wilderness on the side of a mountain.  From there you need to use your skis, athleticism and wits to get back to somewhere civilized.

But the joys of a trip to Courmayeur don’t all involve mountains and winter sports of one type or another, as appealing as they are.  The village shops carry interesting merchandise (no, it’s not all ski-related), and charming cafés and restaurants line the pedestrianized streets.

Plus, Courmayeur hotels have a strong reputation for being some of the friendliest in all of Europe.  Most of the village hotels are owned and operated by local residents.  These folks know their bread and butter come from tourist dollars, and they go the extra mile to be friendly, helpful and accommodating.  They’re the epitome of the old saying, “Service with a Smile.”

Whenever you’re ready to make the arrangements for your trip, Courmayeur Hotels can help you choose the right accommodations for your budget, lifestyle and needs.  You’ll have a wide range of choices despite the village’s small size.

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