Must-do things when visiting Italy

Italy is a very diverse country with a wide range of activities and attractions to enjoy.  Visitors return to Italy over and over again because of the unique experiences, beautiful landscape and great weather.

  • You can ski Mont Blanc in northern Italy.  Ski the famous mountain while you stay in a luxurious Courmayeur ski resort.
  • The Eurochocolate Festival, Europe’s largest chocolate fair, is held in the Italian city of Perugia.  Even if you are not in Italy in October for the festival, you can still tour the chocolate factory in Perugia and stay at the Chocohotel.  You can even take a cooking class at the factory.
  • Instead of simply riding a gondola in Venice, which is great in itself, you can learn how to pole.  Take a lesson or a special tour and become an amateur Gondolier.
  • Learn to make a pizza.  Anyone visiting Italy will want to eat an authentic Italian pizza; however, why just stop at sampling a pizza when you can learn how to make one from a true Italian pizza chef?  Take a lesson and learn how to make your own authentic Italian pizzas at home.
  • In historic Matera, you can stay in a cave hotel carved straight into the rock.  Since Paleolithic times, people have lived in homes carved directly into the rock called Sassi.  Tourists can experience this by staying in one of the cave hotels.
  • The Colosseum in Rome is an amazing tourist attraction; however, for a real taste of what life was like in ancient Rome, become a Gladiator.  Some tours offer short lessons in addition to tours of the Colosseum.  Dressing up like an ancient Roman Gladiator and fighting with swords is every kid’s dream come true.

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