Reasons to be a world traveler

Stay-cations became popular as people have been battling with their finances as the recession continued on; however, as the economy is improving more people are beginning to plan and take true vacations.  In fact, world travel is rising because people are longing to go beyond the confines of their own country to see how others live and experience new things.  There are many reasons why you should consider traveling to other parts of the world as your budget and time allow.  Below is a list to get you started – we encourage readers to comment with reasons they may have for becoming a world traveler.

  • It allows you to see how other people live.  Even though we watch television, movies and read books about other places and difference cultures, nothing is better than experience those things in person.  As we go through our day-to-day lives, we naturally assume that everyone follows about the same path as we do; however, that is the farthest thing from the truth.  By traveling to a different country, you see firsthand how different, and sometimes similar, people’s lives can be.
  • It is educational.  Again, reading about a place is not a substitute for visiting it.  By traveling to other countries, we can immerse ourselves in the history and cultural by visiting historical landmarks, museums and national monuments.  It is the best way to learn about another country and people.
  • You can discover the unusual.  Traveling allows you to experience new cuisines and different traditions and customs.  Some may appear to be quite unusual at first but it will definitely make a lasting impression as you experience it for yourself.
  • It gives you confidence.  Once you conquer traveling to another country, you will become more confident in your abilities.  Navigating a foreign language, airports, trains, busses and the local customs will teach you that you can do just about anything you set your mind to.  Traveling can give you freedom and self-confidence as you learn how to deal with strange situations.

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