Travel tips to save money

If you are planning your Mont Blanc ski vacation to Courmayeur Italy, you will want to keep reading. Below are some of the best travel tips to save money on everything from Courmayeur hotels to attractions and travel. While you do not want to skimp on your ski vacation to the point you do not enjoy your time in Courmayeur, there is nothing wrong with saving money on your Courmayeur ski resort vacation.  Below are our best tips for saving money on your next vacation.

  • The first, and best, way to save money on your Courmayeur vacation is to use our convenient hotel booking system to find the lowest rate on Courmayeur hotels.  Check our hotels page for a listing of Courmayeur accommodation choices and rates for every budget.
  • Avoid touristy restaurants – Eat where the locals eat and you will find that you will not only save money on your meals but you will enjoy more authentic, local cuisine.
  • Travel off season – You will not only get cheaper hotel rates and better airfare discounts, you will also find there are less crowds and attractions will run special discounts during off seasons.
  • Have a picnic – Picnics save money and are a great way to get out and see the countryside.  Ask about local shops that offer picnic items or boxed lunches for a quick, easy and inexpensive meal on the go.
  • Buy a guidebook – In addition to giving tourists great information, and usually a local map, guidebooks have coupons for many local businesses.  You can save money by buying a guidebook on your first day and using the coupons throughout your trip on meals, hotels, attractions and transportation.
  • Public transportation – If you are staying in a big city, use public transportation. You can usually by a rail pass at a discount that is cheaper than renting a car for your entire vacation.  It is also easier to travel by train or bus because you do not need to worry about driving in a foreign country or getting lost.
  • Do not overtip – Most European countries add a service charge to cover the tip and do not expect an additional tip.  Even without a service charge, the normal “American” tip of 15 to 20 percent is usually much more than the local rate.
  • Choose a B&B – A bed and breakfast lets you experience much more of the culture for much less than a hotel room.  A fine meal, a comfortable room and a great host that is happy to answer your questions and give you great advice about local favorites.
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